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Jorge Ram

If we would want to label Jorge Ram in the necessities of the social labels and protocols … We could say he is almost a hopeless eclectic, social dreamer, sidewalk philosopher and lover of simple pleasures.

Even when he made formal studies in computer science, for several years after he obtained his degree, he channeled his passion in music and therapy, disciplines in which he operates skillfully.

He met Drupal in late 2010 while working in an NGO called Planetafilia.

Shortly after, at the Summit that took place in the city of Guadalajara, he had the opportunity to interact with distinguished personalities from Latin America, and thus could corroborate the strength in the Drupal community and ultimately sparked his interest in joining in, because he saw excellent developers and also people of great humanity.

As Freelancer and within Axai, he has participated in development for diverse educational institutions, government, private initiative and nonprofit organizations.


He likes music, psychology, the self-sustaining communities, martial arts, boxing and also giving talks on Drupal Camps.



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