Joaquín really likes open software and all that implies. Software, community, new and different ways  to do business, share-based economies, hippies, geeks, and the hard life of a drupalist. Before knowing Drupal and its community, He developed projects using Symfony and Doctrine. He was even part of the Doctrine development team in its early years. He is now working in this company in Guadalajara called Axai since 2007, where he has mostly used Drupal since the beginning. Joaquin does not focus on the business side only, but also likes to give something back to the community.

He has participated as a speaker in several Latin American Drupal events  since 2011, and in 2012, He and other members of Axai and the University of Guadalajara, organized the Drupal Summit Latino, He has also assisted in the organization of Puebla and Mexico City DrupalCamps in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Joaquin has contributed commits to Drupal core and some other modules.


He likes to play football (soccer), He plays every Tuesday with his elementary and high school friends. He likes to play the guitar but he declares himself a begginer. He also enjoys bike riding, and he rides almost every day to work. He lives with his wife and two small dogs.

He also loves social service. He has participated in missions to the Sierra Tarahumara and Oaxaca,  Joaquin has also organized missionaries to travel to "Cerro del 4" and  Ameca for 6 years. Those trips have defined his personality and way of thinking.